January 26-27, 2018
Jacksonville, Florida


2018 Diocesan Convention

The Diocesan Nominating Committee for the 175th Annual Diocesan Convention has been formed to present a slate of nominees for Diocesan Convention (January 26-27, 2018) to fill the expired or uncompleted terms of the individuals now serving. Positions to be elected at our 2017 Diocesan Convention are as follows:

Diocesan Council  1 Clergy - 3 yr term

3 Lay - 1 for a 2 yr term from First Coast East, 1 for a 3 yr term from First Coast West and 1 for a 3 yr term from Santa Fe Region

Disciplinary Board 2 Clergy, 2 Lay - 3 yr terms
Standing Committee 1 Clergy, 1 Lay - 3 yr terms

Note:  No person in the process for ordination will be allowed to be a nominee for a Diocesan or General Convention Office. The process begins with the initial meeting with the Bishop and ends with ordination. Transitional Deacons are considered in process.  To stand for election clerical nominees must be canonically resident in the Diocese of Florida. Deacons must meet with the Diocesan Bishop and obtain his approval before having their names placed in nomination for a Diocesan or General Convention office.  Lay nominees must be adult communicants in good standing*

Clergy and laity are encouraged to nominate themselves or someone they know. A person may be nominated for more than one position with the exception that a person cannot be a member of the Disciplinary Board and the Standing Committee at the same time. 

The Nomination Form can be found below. 

Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council acts as a vestry would between Diocesan conventions. They conduct the business of the Diocese as needed.

Diocesan Council meets quarterly, usually on Saturdays. Meetings are held at Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center, the Diocesan office, or by conference call. The term is for three years. A member shall not be elected to Diocesan Council for more than two consecutive terms. There are 2 clergy and 5 lay(1 lay from each of the five regions) positions on Diocesan Council.

Per Canon 10 of the Diocesan Canons, the Diocesan Council shall be an executive body representative of the Church in this Diocese with power and authority to implement and carry into effect the policies and programs adopted by the Diocesan Convention and to act for the Convention between meetings thereof. The Council shall have overall responsibility for the Diocesan program and finances, and it shall provide for the efficient management of the business of the Diocese. It shall be an agency to relieve the Bishop of the Diocese insofar as practicable from the necessity of the detailed management of the business affairs of the Diocese.


Current Diocesan Council   Region Term Ends
The Rev. Thomas "Tom" Reeder Christ Church, Ponte Vedra Beach First Coast East 2018
Leigh Coulter Beal St. Peter's, Fernandina Beach First Coast East 2018
John "Jack"  Tull Christ Church, Ponte Vedra Beach First Coast East 2018
The Rev. Jerry Smith Holy Comforter, Tallahassee Apalachee 2019
Courtney Carter Emmanuel, Welaka River 2019
Melanie Martin St. Michael and All Angels, Tallahassee Apalachee 2019
These positions are being rotated off and are up for nominations plus one additional lay member. Lay members will now be elected by the diocesan convention by region.

Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board serve and gather at the call from the Bishop or from the General Council for the Diocese in the case of a trial for a priest or deacon.

The term is for three years. A person may serve two successive terms. A Disciplinary Board member cannot serve also on the Standing Committee at the same time. There are 5 clergy and 4 lay members of the Disciplinary Board.

Current Disciplinary Board   Term Ends
The Rev. George Hinchliffe St. Luke's, Live Oak 2018
The Rev. Laughton Thomas Retired Clergy 2018
Lauren Hoffman Redeemer, Jacksonville 2018
Moses Meide, Jr. Christ Church, Ponte Vedra Beach 2018
The Rev. Mark Atkinson St. Andrew's, Jacksonville 2019
James "Jym" Kent St. Luke's, Live Oak 2019
The Rev. Ian McCarthy   2020
The Rev. Celeste Tisdelle St. Mary's, Green Cove Springs  2020
Byron Cawthon Holy Trinity, Gainesville  2020
These positions are being rotated off and are up for nominations. Two clergy and two lay.

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the council of advice to the Bishop and becomes the Ecclesiastical authority for the Diocese if there is no Bishop.  

The committee meets quarterly. The term is for three years and a person may serve successive terms. A Standing Committee member cannot serve also on the Disciplinary Board at the same time. There are 3 lay and 3 clergy members of the Standing Committee.

Current Standing Committee   Term Ends
The Rev. Stephen Mazingo St. Peter's, Fernandina Beach 2018
David Gagnon Good Shepherd, Jacksonville 2018
The Rev. Steph Britt San Jose, Jacksonville 2019
Lenora Gregory Our Saviour, Jacksonville 2019
The Rev. Donavan Cain All Saints, Jacksonville  2020
Linda Baker St. Philip's, Jacksonville  2020
These positions are being rotated off and are up for nominations. One clergy and one lay.


 * Adult Communicant in Good Standing

Canons of the General Convention TITLE 1  CANON 1.17.2

Communicants:  Sec. 2 (a) All members of this Church who have received Holy Communion in this Church at least three times during the preceding year are to be considered communicants of this Church.

Adult Communicants: (b) For the purpose of statistical consistency throughout the Church, communicants sixteen years of age and over are to be considered adult communicants.  The exception is Diocesan Council which requires the nominee to be eighteen years of age or older per Florida Statues Chapter 617 since Diocesan Council is considered by Florida law a Board of Directors.

Communicants in Good Standing:  All communicants of this Church who for the previous year have been faithful in corporate worship, unless for good cause prevented, and have been faithful in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God, are to be considered communicants in good standing.

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